Whether you fear it or are for it, there is no denying the fact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating endless possibilities within the world that we live in. This limitless potential extends to the yachting industry, an industry known for its luxurious nature and its place amongst society’s elite. From trip planning to fuel calculations, AI has the potential to completely reshape the industry, moving us into the future of yachting.

The First Yacht Company to Introduce AI

What was once mere speculation has become a reality: IYC is the first company to introduce AI to yacht management. They have created a software named BLUE which seamlessly ties all yacht management operations together, streamlining life onboard. It is a market-leading yacht support software system exclusive to IYC, having already proved popular with owners and crew as it is straight-forward to use, increases efficiency and ensures compliance.

Could the Artificial Intelligence Phenomenon also Revolutionize the Yachting Industry


Anna is BLUE’s AI Yacht Manager; she handles administrative tasks and compliance requirements whilst guiding crew, owners and managers. She operates as a ‘virtual yacht manager’ ensuring increased safety on board.

Celine Robins, the Global Yacht Management Director of IYC, has commented on the significance of BLUE: ‘This is the first time in the world that artificial intelligence is brought into the yachting industry and to yacht management. That is extremely revolutionary. Artificial intelligence is going to reshape our world.’

In a recent announcement, Robins proceeded to provide insights into the significance of BLUE not only for the industry, but for IYC and for clients. She recognised the reduction of costs as well as no more human errors, both benefits for IYC. She believes that more focused work due to the simplicity of the software will result in increased consumer satisfaction, ensuring repeat clients for the vessels.

Could the Artificial Intelligence Phenomenon also Revolutionize the Yachting Industry

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The benefits for the owner are also cost-related; the preventative maintenance provided by BLUE will save the owner a lot of money as yacht checks and services will be carried out regularly and on time.

The future is undeniably bright with BLUE; as the software grows and AI becomes more prominent in our everyday lives, there is limitless potential and endless possibilities for virtual solutions.