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Cigar Smoking World Championship

Cigar Smoking World Championship 2023 season begins on May 1st, 2023.

Preliminaries and national tournaments will be held until August 15th.

The grand finale will take place from September 1st to 3rd, 2023 in Split/Croatia.

Cigar Smoking World Championship

The Cigar Smoking World Championship is an international competition in the “slow smoking” of cigars. Competitors compete in how slow they can smoke their cigars with time penalties given for such things as breaking their ash or burning the competition ring (cigar band). The smoker who takes the longest to finish their cigar is the winner.

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is proud to be the official manufacturer of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) cigar.

Cigar Smoking World Championships Origin

CSWC was founded 10 years ago by Marko Bilic, president of the International Cigar Club Mareva and winner of the prestigious global Cigar Trophy award for the best cigar ambassador in the world. The Cigar Smoking World Championship is an international competition in the “slow smoking” of cigars, but at the same time, it is much more than just a competition – it is the perfect tool to inspire participation in every cigar enthusiast. Through this medium of friendly competition – international friends are reunited and new friends are made, all of whom share the same passion for a shared cigar lifestyle. On top of all that, CSWC is great fun and a great experience!

The CSWC is a global name in the cigar world, with qualification events held in more than 30 countries with the Grand Finale held every September in Split, Croatia. With competitors from over 35 countries represented, the Grand Finale is truly a global event that brings together cigar clubs and enthusiasts from across the world.


There are over 40 qualification events around the world. The winners of these events will then move on to the World Championship Grand Finale in Split, Croatia

To enter the competition, please get in touch with the qualification event closest to you

Cigar Smoking World Championship Trophy

PRIZES: Cigar Smoking World Championship in CROATIA

1st Place:

  • Rocky Patel CSWC Limited Edition Luxury Humidor with Cigars and Custom Cuervo y Sobrinos Luxury Writing Instrument.
  • Les Fines Lames Gold Series Cigar Cutter at a value of $1,000.
  • S.T. Dupont Haute Creation Lighter, valued at $10,000.
  • All Exclusive one-day cruise on a 180-foot Yacht for the winner plus 11 of their friends, including all drinks, food, cigars, and water toys, valued at $40,000.
  • Cuervo y Sobrinos Luxury Swiss Watch, valued at $10,000.
  • Radisson Blu Split Weekend Package for two people, valued at $1,000.
  • Boveda Humidor, valued at $250.
  • Cigar Journal’s interview with the new World Champion featured in the print magazine is invaluable.

Prizes: Nationals in Indianapolis

  • 1st Place: Rocky Patel CSWC Humidor, airfare, hotel, and admissions fees to all CSWC events in Split, Croatia. A Les Fines Lames Luxury Cigar Cutter, an S.T. Dupont Lighter – valued at $295.00, Boveda Humidor.
  • 2nd Place: Les Fines Lames Punch Bracelet.
  • 3rd Place: Les Fines Lames Black Cap.


  • Rules 1.
    • All participants receive the same cigar that they picked themselves from the box.
    • In the case of a defective cigar, a competitor can exchange the cigar for another one.
    • The competition ring is fixed (glued) on the same length on each cigar.
  • Rules 2.
    • Each participant will be given a cigar cutter and a box with two matches (long ones).
    • The competition table may contain only the items provided by the organizer; any
    • additional equipment for the duration of the competition is not allowed.
    • Participants have 1 (one) minute to prepare the cigar (cutting).
    • The cigar is lighted with one or two matches, according to the choice of the participant.
    • It is not allowed to light cigars until the judge says it is allowed; competition officially starts when the judge gives the sign to light cigars.
    • Burning time is a maximum of 1 (one) minute, which is included in the time of the competition.
    • Additional preparation of the cigar is not allowed.
  • Rules 3.
    • Additional lighting of the cigar is not allowed.
    • During the competition, it is not allowed to blow in the cigar from the outside, blow through the cigar, or make it wet.
    • For the first 5 minutes of the competition, it is not allowed to talk or consume drinks.
    • It is not allowed to put down the cigar; the cigar must be kept in the hand during the whole competition.
    • It is not allowed to cover or hide the cigar; the cigar must be visible at all times.
    • It is not allowed to touch a burning line of the cigar.
    • It is not allowed to use the aid of any wristwatches, smartwatches, mobile phones, or personal items in any way
    • Judges, at their sole discretion, may issue warnings, and disqualifications and determine whether or not the competitor’s actions are in the spirit of fair play.
  • Rules 4.
    • The cigar is smoked up to the competition ring.
    • In case the competition ring is burned, the participant earns 15 penalty minutes.
  • Rules 5.
    • Keeping the cigar ash gives an advantage to the participant.
    • First falling or shaking off the cigar ashes brings penalty minutes.
  • Rules 6.
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