Thursday, May 23, 2024


Taylor Swift, the American singer and songwriter who sang ”Lavender Haze,” has just broken up with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, the professional English actor, and “Boy Erased” star, after 6 years of dating!!

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

The ex-couples reportedly started dating back in 2016 after they met at the 2016 Met Gala. Although they kept their relationship private for a couple of months, it all broke out in 2017 after their public link up again in May 2017.

It is quite surprising to see what appeared to be a happy relationship all along, go down the drain after so many years of getting it together. And the saddest part is that we were all anticipating a wedding soon enough, especially since rumours of Taylor Swift and ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn’s engagement already shook the internet some months ago. Even though, the ex-couples never publicly confirmed the rumours to be true.

 But, withstanding the fact that almost everything these days begins with a rumour, take a look at what Joe Alwyn had to say after the news of his engagement with ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift broke out.

He said, “Had it been I was given a quid, for all the times I’ve been told I was engaged, then I would have gathered a lot of coins by now.”

He went on to state that he wouldn’t confirm the rumours of his engagement with Taylor Swift, his ex-girlfriend now.

He said, “The truth is that, even if the answer was a yes, I would not confirm it, and if it was a no, I still would not confirm it.”

And considering that this is coming from a couple that had decided to keep their relationship off the records from the beginning, means that there could have been a whole lot of truth to the rumours of their engagement. Nonetheless, this is all in the past now considering their relationship is over now.

A Brief Walk Through Taylor Swift and Ex-Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Relationship’s Timeline

It is no doubt that the ex-couples have had a wonderful and romantic time together, during the period of their relationship. Recall that the ex-couple spent the quarantine together, a moment that resulted in the collaboration and the production of an album that has been released some years back, with credits given to Joe Alwyn as a contributor.

Among other romantic adventures that the ex-couples indulged in, together and also for each other, Taylor Swift also spent some time with her ex-boyfriend’s family, Thomas Alwyn and Patrick Alwyn, in New York City. This was back on December 30th, 2018.

Shortly afterwards, Taylor Swift skipped a Grammy Awards just to attend the BAFTAs with her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Surprisingly, skipping the 2020 Grammy Awards wasn’t the first selfless and romantic act that Taylor Swift had put up for her ex-boyfriend. The 2020 Grammy was the second time the singer skipped such a significant event just to support Joe Alwyn, her ex-boyfriend.

For all it’s worth, the news of their breakup came as a shocking surprise to the fans of both Taylor Swift and her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn especially for the fact that WE WERE ALREADY EXPECTING THE WEDDING BELLS TO RING!!

It is definitely one of the most shocking celebrity breakups of all time.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Additionally, even though according to sources, the relationship had already ended a couple of weeks back, it became clear that the couple had truly called it quits after Taylor Swift was seen touring the country, alone for her“Eras Tour,” something she wouldn’t do alone if she was still together with Joe Alwyn, who is now her ex-boyfriend.

Perhaps, knowing that the ex-couples ended things in a way that was claimed to be of mutual consent might make you feel better!!